Saturday, November 29, 2008

A trip to the Aquarium

We did not go out and spend tons of money for Black Friday, instead we contributed to the economy by visiting the aquarium!

This is the new HUGE tank at the entrance of the aquarium. We missed the part where a diver goes in the tank and feeds the fish and answers questions from inside the tank.

We did however get to see them feed the octopus, Popeye. Aunt Jack is checking him out.

The touch pools are always fun.
Posted by PicasaCallum enjoyed the aquarium, he actually watched the fish swimming around. I'm not sure he understood any of it.... but the colors were so pretty!
After hanging out in the dome part of the aquarium listening to Burt talk about fish tacos and J-man pointing out which fish he wanted to eat as his appetizer, we decided that we better go eat. Does the aquarium make other people hungry? Or is just us? So we headed over to The Fisherman for some seafood. Okay - it is weird.


We had so much fun on Thanksgiving! The boys got to meet their new cousin for the first time! And they got to play Wii lots with Uncle Burt. I even played Wii so much that my arm is sore! We ate a ton of food, drank a lot of wine (the adults, not the little boys) and had plenty of dogs around to help clean up any little morsel that might have hit the ground.

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa

Grammie with the boys.

Aunt Kelly with T-man.
Aunt Jack and Uncle Burt

The Wii playing arena.3 of the 5 dogs - Whiskey, Yukon and Angus. Grandma brought her little dog Pebbles with her and we also have Sunny (who was sleeping on her bed the whole day).

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