Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Good Day for the T-man

At Tae Kwon Do today, the T-man got his yellow belt. He knows all the basic kicks and shows so much respect in class. He stopped looking at himself in the mirror all the time too. So after he demonstrated all the kicks, he got to break a board! And he did it! I think next week we are going to start transitioning him into the big kids class.

After martial arts we headed back over to the pool, where we had left J-man at 4:00 for swim team. Luckily the pool and martial arts are really close together. So at 5:00 J-man got out of the pool and at 5:30 T-man got in the pool for his swim lesson. It was a beautiful sunny warm day and I did not mind hanging out at the pool in between. I brought snacks and drinks so there was no whining about having to wait for each others activities.

Swim team officially started yesterday for J-man. The pool was FULL of 8-and-unders, it looks to me to be about double the amount of kids from last year. It's supposed to be 80 and sunny all week long, a great start to swim team, and I will not mind going one bit.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Dozer Day

Wow, was that a lot of fun! My Mom and I took the little men, including my 2 nephews to Dozer Day in The Couve. Who ever thought of it is a fund raising GENIUS! We paid $5 to get the kids in and $7 for adults, all the money goes to parks and recreation and we had hours of entertainment. Upon entering the kids get a "hard hat", it was plastic and kept blowing off in the wind, but still cute. The first thing we did was drive the excavator. The boys got in the cab of the excavator (with an experienced operator) and got to dig up some dirt, dump some dirt and spin it around. They LOVED it.

The Fire Department was there and did a fire safety talk and fire drill with the kids, then they climbed on a fire truck. No visit to Dozer Day would be complete with out a ride in the back of a big dump truck, so that was our next adventure.

My eldest nephew could not stop talking about digging for diamonds, so we went to do that next. At $2/minute to dig, I thought it best that the older 2 do that and we find another activity for the 2 younger boys. While the big boys shoveled dirt as fast as they could to try and dig up a gem (real ones worth lots of $$), the little boys had just as much fun in another pile of sand with some Tonka trucks.

We also spent about an hour playing in huge tires and climbing around in some large drainage pipe. Dozer Day was fun and I can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Race for the Cure


Last year my friend and co-worker MJ was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had come back from her mammogram saying that this one spot really hurt when they did the test. Well thank goodness for routine screening, because before that test she did not notice that she had a lump. It was cancer and she was whirlwinded into doctor appointment after doctor appointment. She had to have chemo before surgery, then surgery and then more chemo and radiation. Somehow she still managed to come to work regularly and take care of business here despite being poisoned, prodded at, balded and surgically altered. She came through with strength and dignity and she is my new hero.

Race for the Cure is one month from today and I need to raise some money! I don't want any more of my friends to have to go through what MJ went through. Lets find a cure! Check out my race page and sponsor me, it's all for a good cause and totally tax deductible.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Birthday to Mitch!!

Yes my dear husband is another year older today, and hopefully another year wiser, ha ha. Big plans tonight for his Birthday - Spiderman and dinner reservations. Hopefully it won't be too crowded tonight with it being a weeknight. Oh and the exciting part....the Birthday present -New Garage Doors!!!! - oooohhh. Will have to post party pictures later.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Just Another Crazy Saturday

Today was a busy day. We were supposed to be up early this morning because J-man was having a sleepover at J-dudes house and was being dropped of at 9am. I woke up at 6:30 to let the dog out, but went back to bed. Big mistake. The next time I saw the clock it was 9:21. Yowsa. Mitch and I both jumped up and started moving, not believing that A. we actually slept that late and B. T-man did not wake us up demanding food, or the dog for that matter. Weren't they hungry? I was, and I am pretty sure that's what finally woke me up, was my stomach. J-man did not get dropped off until 9:30, maybe they all slept in at J-dudes house too.

So after a quick shower, getting dressed and eating breakfast real quick we were out the door again. First stop - Tae Kwon Do for T-man. Mitch and T-man stayed there J-man and I headed out to the pool for swim team sign ups. We signed up for swim team, stroke and turn classes and ordered a new sweatshirt. I almost ordered one for me, and I still can if I want to, I'm thinking about it.....

J-man and I headed back to martial arts to watch T-man finish and then it was back home to rush around and get the house picked up before my Mom got here. We were supposed to be going to the Mariners game and I thought it started at one. After a quick call to Goma to see what time she was leaving I was informed that it was a 7pm game. Ooops. I called my Mom, but she didn't answer her cell phone. Better keep cleaning, she's on her way. Uh oh. That was the doorbell. Great. House is a mess. The game is 8 hours away. I have no back up plan.

So we hung out in the only clean room in the house while we decided what to do. Lunch was the first thing on everybody's minds so we did that then went and played tourist in Seattle. A little Pike Place Market - all the flowers were being snatched up for Mothers Day, kind of funny. Looked at Elliot Bay - hey, there are some Tugboat races today! New Olympic Sculpture Park on the Waterfront - we should go investigate it. It was interesting. I call this one "Drunk Longshoreman" but I don't know what its official name is. Finally the ballpark is open, lets go to Safeco Field!

Ah baseball. I love it. I love it even better when the Mariners win. And it is even better yet when the Yankees LOSE. Not tonight my friends, not tonight. But we did have entertainment. The lady sitting in front of us had a hat on, a beret to be exact and it had a little tiny thing-y-ma-bob on the top that T-man kept trying to play with. The lady would then scratch her head. I tried not to laugh and be the good Mom, "T-man! Stop that!" But it was still funny. The poor little boys had just had a very buzy day and started saying they were ready to go home after the 5th inning. Since the score was 7-2 Yankees, I was not totally opposed to that, but thought we should stick it out for my Mom. We made it to the 8th inning and both the boys were asleep and the score had not gone anywhere, so off we went to take our collective 100pounds of dead (sleeping actually) weight to the car.

Whew today is over. The house did not clean itself while I was gone all day, so I better get to it.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

We've Got a Red Belt in the House!

Saturday was the official test in front of the Grand Master. J-man ran through all of his forms and did all of the demo kicks, bag work and busted through the board on the first try. But we didn't get the results until Monday. So on Monday we added another belt to our growing collection. Red. This was the goal that he has had for a year. So I asked him what was next. He wants some stripes on his red belt. I asked him what his new big goal is - B0-Dan. I guess it's good to have something to strive for. Go J-man!!