Saturday, December 27, 2008

Did you have a Merry Christmas?

We did! I loved their Christmas pajamas! We had a nice day, our first White Christmas too. Aunt Kelly was with us Christmas Morning and then we went to Grammie's house for Christmas Dinner. The boys got plenty of goodies to play with, and as soon as all this snow goes away J-man can take his new bike out for a spin! Meanwhile T-man is running around the house dressed as Anakin Skywalker with a Storm Trooper blaster. The snow is finally melting, and I couldn't be happier! I got my Christmas, I mean New Year Letter done and will be putting that in the mail next week.
Normally I would have a lot more pictures, but my little camera is all I've got, and it sucks. I really wish I would not have broken my poor Nikon, cause it is going to cost me a lot of money to either get it fixed or buy a new lens. I broke it too late to ask Santa for a replacement, Santa already got me a pair of earrings!
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

T-man reporting the news

So I had a camera tragedy last night. My beloved Nikon D50 has a broken lens. Smashed, cracked and broken - I did it, can't blame anyone but myself. Its a bummer, but it has forced me to take out the little camera and it can take video. So I took quite a bit of video of the boys in the snow and of our icicles.
T-man turns into a total goof with the camera out and it was even more entertaining when he found out I was using the video setting. He started reporting from King 5 news. I just got a little snippet of it, but had to share. I need to get better at this video thing.....

A video of the Icicles. And its STILL snowing.

Mitch wanted to correct me - Leafguard - the gutters are Leafguard.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

We got the tree up. Finally.

We put minimal effort into it, only 3 strands of lights and half of the ornaments in the box, but it's up!

Aunt Kelly got stuck here - who knew they would cancel ALL Alaska Airlines flights today? No worries though, the boys are providing her with warmth and entertainment!

Yukon is depressed. The snow is making it hard for him to go outside with his bad hips and knees. When it was just a few inches it was fine, when it hit a foot, the poor dog needed a path carved out of the yard for him. Good thing his Daddy went out into the back yard and dug it for him.
I'm too depressed about the snow to take any more pictures of it. There is just so dang much of it. Over a foot. Wish me luck trying to get to work tomorrow!

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Who needs icicle lights? We have icicles!

Icicles have formed over the gutters in both the front and back of the house. Mitch is grumbling about needing more insulation, but I think they look cool! And thanks to Mother Nature, we get to keep them for a little while longer. She knew that we did not have time to put up our icicle lights this year and thought we might want a little festive look. Thanks Mother Nature!
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day!

We have been waiting all day for it to stop snowing so we could go outside and play. But it has not stopped snowing. So my pictures suck. They are blurred with tons of flakes falling from the sky. But here we are playing in the snow, looks like 4 inches and still coming down.

T-man wanted to build a snow man, but could not stay out side long enough to get the job done. The snowman parts are started out there, but we had to come in and get warm and dry before making an attempt to finish.

Yukon is having a great day, he has been out to roll in the snow about 50 times today. He is currently napping - that takes a lot out of an old guy!

J-man just wants a snowball fight. Nobody would take him up on it, so he settled for trying to make a snowman with his brother. He might have lasted longer out there if he would have zipped up his coat and put a hat on, but what do I know, I'm just his Mother.
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Doggie Snow Angel

We may only have an inch, but it is enough for my Yukon. He LOVES the snow. He makes little doggie snow angels all over the yard. Another favorite snow activity is licking the snow. He will do laps in the yard making lines in the snow with his tongue. Crazy dog. Hopefully the boys and I will get out there and play later, now that school has been cancelled. I have to find a way for them to burn off that little boy energy with out driving me crazy.
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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Go See the Clam Lights!

We saw the Clam Lights on Thursday. It seems they have expanded this year and it looks just beautiful. I thought I would share!

I love how the lake looks at night, especially with all the lights! It was cold out, but not raining (shocking, I know) and the boys had a great time looking at all the lights. Now if I could just get some up on my house...... or maybe get a tree......
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Decked out for the holidays!

I dressed up my blog for the holidays! I am hoping to put my self in the mood. Not much shopping happening here and no decorating. Yet. I guess I need to get my butt up in the attic and pull down all the decorations - cause there is only 18 days left before Christmas. I have even gotten 2 Christmas cards already. Those over-achieving friends - you know who you are! - I'll get mine done and out in time for Christmas. Or New Years. I hope. I did buy the boys their matching sweaters already. I keep waiting for the year they refuse to wear them.... Hope it's not this year! Hope to post pictures of some Holiday activities soon!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A trip to the Aquarium

We did not go out and spend tons of money for Black Friday, instead we contributed to the economy by visiting the aquarium!

This is the new HUGE tank at the entrance of the aquarium. We missed the part where a diver goes in the tank and feeds the fish and answers questions from inside the tank.

We did however get to see them feed the octopus, Popeye. Aunt Jack is checking him out.

The touch pools are always fun.
Posted by PicasaCallum enjoyed the aquarium, he actually watched the fish swimming around. I'm not sure he understood any of it.... but the colors were so pretty!
After hanging out in the dome part of the aquarium listening to Burt talk about fish tacos and J-man pointing out which fish he wanted to eat as his appetizer, we decided that we better go eat. Does the aquarium make other people hungry? Or is just us? So we headed over to The Fisherman for some seafood. Okay - it is weird.


We had so much fun on Thanksgiving! The boys got to meet their new cousin for the first time! And they got to play Wii lots with Uncle Burt. I even played Wii so much that my arm is sore! We ate a ton of food, drank a lot of wine (the adults, not the little boys) and had plenty of dogs around to help clean up any little morsel that might have hit the ground.

Great Grandma and Great Grandpa

Grammie with the boys.

Aunt Kelly with T-man.
Aunt Jack and Uncle Burt

The Wii playing arena.3 of the 5 dogs - Whiskey, Yukon and Angus. Grandma brought her little dog Pebbles with her and we also have Sunny (who was sleeping on her bed the whole day).

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where in the world?

Do you suppose this sign is?

Well that is where I was!
There was sun. There was sand. There was turquoise water to float in. There were drinks with little umbrellas in them. Can you guess where?
It was a great vacation, we celebrated our 10 year anniversary and missed our boys like crazy.
I will post more pictures with details (not all the details ;-)) after I have caught up a little around here.
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tree Planting

Yesterday we work on a community service project in our neighborhood. The city had some trees to be planted and I had a group of cub scouts who need community service and needed to plant trees to help earn their badges. We had a great time and planted a lot of trees. 50 or so? I did not count.
The organizers gave us a tree planting 101 lesson and then set us free on the trail with color coded flags marking where the trees should go. Everyone pitched in, the boys did a great job. We finished our section in about an hour, and then we had to head out, others stayed and helped finished the other sections. They were trying to plant 300 trees in 3 hours. I wonder if they finished?

J-man was very into digging holes. He was also trying to see who could dig out the biggest rock. When he would find a big one he would make a lot of noise and hold it over his head. I guess you do what you can to entertain yourself....

We planted 3 types of trees; Douglas Firs, Western Hemlocks and Cedars. They even got some extra trees for the volunteers to take home and plant in their yards. Mitch said no, he thinks we have enough trees :-). These trees are close enough that we can visit them whenever we want. In fact, I think I will take the cub scouts on a hike in the spring to go visit the trees that they planted. I wonder if they will remember us?

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