Thursday, August 16, 2007

Water Polo

Go #12!
Um, don't drown him #3, he is smaller than you!
This is the whole team after winning their final match for today.

Today was the start of the championship tournament for water polo. J-man's team played 3 games today and won all of them. The second game of the day was very exciting and ended in a tie so we had a shoot-out. It was very exciting for the kids, and I have to admit I got into it. I was afraid to watch sometimes, because these kids are basically trying to drown each other, and it is very physical. I was highly entertained by a "Helicopter Mom" from the other team. She was hovering around the pool yelling that her kid was getting fouled. It looked like a two way street to me. Her kid got out of the pool crying and she walked over and started yelling in the ref's face. Then she started yelling at our coaches. Then she went back to her kid. Then she went back and started yelling at the ref some more. All this time the ref kept the game going and was walking up and down the side of the pool with the movement of the ball. I was impressed that the ref did not lose it with her. I myself would have told Helicopter Mom to get the H-e-doubletoothpicks out of my face and sit her butt back in her chair and let her kid and the coaches and the ref work it out. She did provide me with some entertainment this afternoon and for that I thank her. I really don't want to be one of those pain the butt Moms, so I should also thank her for the what not to do at a water polo match lesson. Yes, Thank you Helicopter Mom, and I hope that your baby is okay tonight.
More water polo fun is planned for Sunday - the winner take all match, loser takes second. They all get medals - YEAH!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Maybe we are Crazy

Warning: If you do not like to read about throw up stop now, do not read.

Tonight we had plans to go to dinner with Aunt Kelly who is in town on business. We picked her up at her hotel at 7 and went to the Rainforest Cafe because the kids love it and Aunt Kelly's name should be Auntspoilsmerotten. We had a 25 minute wait, but luckily aforementioned restaurant is located in a shopping mall. 25 min? Is that all? Okay. I can shop quick. So I bought a new Franklin Covey planner and gave my husband a small heart attack. (But its pink and its much thinner than my old one. I need it to stay organized and SANE - I swear.)

When we finally got seated in the restaurant Daddy took the boys to the potty. We order. The boys want to go look at the animals. Everything normal so far. Then T-man says that his tummy hurt. Yesterday when his tummy hurt he had the Big D, so I told Daddy that he should take him to the potty. Daddy said "I just took him, he doesn't need to go again." Okay. So T-man then crawls into Daddy's lap. Whimpering. Bad sign, but he is not in my lap, so no worries, right? Next thing I know Daddy is covered in vomit and yelling at me to take T-man. I couldn't resist. "I told you that you should have taken him to the bathroom." But then it didn't really matter because I ended up having to clean up T-man. It was - very colorful - and very odoriferous. Don't mind me, other patrons in the restaurant - just taking this vomit covered child to the bathroom for some clean up. Keep eating.

Now when they are babies this is to be expected and much easier to deal with. Smaller volume and all. And when they are toddlers you at least have a diaper bag or a change of clothes just in case of accidents. But when they are almost 5 you sort of just throw them in the car and go. At least I do. And it was 85F today, we didn't even have coats. Luckily his shirt was good. The shorts I sorta got clean. His socks and shoes were toast. I left them on and brought him back to the table. Auntspoilsmerotten had gotten Daddy a new shirt from the restaurant gift shop and the restaurant staff was there with the mop and towels. So should we go home? We already ordered. Nah, well just stay. Do you think anyone around us noticed??

I gave T-man a bag in case his tummy hurt again and then our food was there. Everyone ate, except T-man. He nibbled and drank a little 7up. Is it crazy that we stayed and ate?? We asked for the check as soon as we were finished so we could rush the sick boy home. Then we told throw up stories in the car and laughed all the way home. Like the first time J-man threw up when he was 2 1/2:

He was crying and said "Mommy - I just spilled my juice all over the
floor!" Um, no J-man you threw up, you are sick. "I don't like being
sick." Ya think? Try being the pregnant Mama who's got to clean it

We laughed all the way home.

Yep we are Crazy.

Monday, August 13, 2007

My 4 yo has an addiction

I didn't mean to do it. I'm only a little bit sorry that I did it.
What did I do? Thanks for asking.
I got my son hooked on Starbucks Pumpkin Scones. Yep totally hooked. Asks for them like some kids ask to go to McBurgerplace or asks for candy. Yesterday I realized the extent of the addiction as we drove to our THIRD Starbucks to get T-man his fix. The first two were out of pumpkin scones. Luckily we live in latte land and have A LOT of Starbucks to choose from in a 2 mile radius. Also Starbucks has conveniently packaged a smaller version of their pumpkin scones in a multi pack that we can take home for when it is not convenient to take your 4yo to Starbucks. They seem to freeze well but don't last long enough at my house to really put that one to the test. Sigh. At least I get my caffeine fix at the same time and he is not asking for lattes.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Got Tagged! 8 Random Things

Thank you Melanie, I have been Tagged!

Here's the deal:

1-post these rules

2-each person tagged must post 8 random(... hopefully interesting) facts about themselves

3-those tagged should write a blog post of these facts

4-at the end of the post, 8 more bloggers are tagged and named

5-go to their blog and leave a comment telling them they're tagged
Here goes.......

1. I am not a morning person, I have to FORCE myself out of bed every morning to get to my early (self scheduled) shift or the pool for the early morning (kid free) workout.

2. I am addicted to cop shows - Animal Cops, Cops, Beach Patrol - If you know of any other cop shows let me know....

3. I am a sex cop. Yup that is the nickname for my job officially a "disease investigator" for the health department but when you are investigating STD cases, you are known as a sex cop or the STD police. How would you like that on your business card? I got a badge and everything....of course its also a bus pass.....

4. I still secretly listen to (and love) Whitesnake. I had to replace my cassette tapes with CD's because the tape squeaked real loud and was distracting to the music. They are coming out with a new album in the Fall.....aren't you excited??

5. I have been to 23 of the 50 states, unless you count landing at an airport, then I can add 4 more states, but I don't think that counts. Someday I hope to have visited all 50 states......

6. I have worked at lots of random jobs: Strawberry picker, house cleaner, babysitter, K-mart (cashier AND customer service), Taco Bell (lasted 2 weeks), sold shoes (what was the name of that shoe store?), security guard (ya- I laugh too), office slave, auto parts delivery driver, athletic trainer, cheerleading camp trainer, hostess at 2 different restaurants, Hospital phlebotomist at 3 different hospitals, health educator intern, lab tech, PSBC mobile technician, sleep center office manager, teen clinic MA, drug treatment center MA and finally a sex cop. It all makes sense, huh. Like I was planning it.

7. I hate tofu. Hate it. Can't make me like it no matter how you disguise it.

8. Thanks to my sister-in-law and their 55 acres we have 3 cows. Not just cows, but longhorn cows. We will be down to 2 cows in the fall (and get a full freezer) and then back up to 3 next spring if everything goes according to plan.

Okay, I think I need more blogger friends, cause Gretchyn, Bonnie, Kristie, Bobbi and my sister are about it, and some of them haven't blogged in a very long time. I am a blog stalker, mostly reading strangers blogs. Is that #9?.......

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Weekend on Whidbey

Well we were supposed to go camping to Mt. Rainier, but the weather was supposed to be crappy, and I am not a camping in the rain sort of a girl, so we wimped out. But since we were already packed, we made a quick switch and headed over to Whidbey Island, where some friends have a cabin. The best part - We got to take a ferry to get there! The weather turned out great. Whidbey Island has a great dog beach. Yukon had a great time, I was a little afraid that he would not be able to walk the next day because of his bad hips, but he did great!
The best part of the trip was dinner on Saturday night. We had crab! Mitch and Frank spend most of the day setting their traps and re-setting their traps and throwing back of the girls who kept getting caught. This was the first one that we caught and could keep, a red rock crab. We followed him up with a bunch of Dungeness, but it took several trips out to the traps. Eventually we had enough for everyone to have some for dinner. Yum.
This weekend was not long enough. I have a huge pile of sandy laundry to do, and since I was gone all weekend, no projects got done around the house. Oh well there is always next weekend!