Thursday, August 21, 2008

They laughed, they cried...

Well the first game of the tournament they creamed the other team 12-2. The second game was a really good game, but in the end they lost by only one point. It was a heart breaker. Then the third game they rallied and won again. It was another close game, and they played great. The fourth game we started out strong, but ended up getting creamed 8-15.

J-man had a great steal in the 3rd game.

They were so happy that they won the 3rd game!

Then J-man played goalie in the fourth game. The other team scored 2 goals on him, and he sort of lost it. He tried to pull it together and finish the game, but it was a rough game and a rough loss. Tears were shed.
At the end of the day J-man said that he still had fun, that water polo is still his favorite sport and asked if he could play winter water polo. So I think all is well.

And then there is this guy. T-man has no desire to play water polo, but still wants me to take pictures of all of his funny faces that he makes. Less he be left out....................
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It's tournament time!

Today kicks off the water polo championship tournament! And we are off to a good start. Our kids won their first match 12-2. Nice. Lets just not mention the fact that we had 15 or so kids and they had 6. Which means they were one player short and had no subs. We just won't mention that.

J-man had a good assist and played some good D.

All our kids got to play and they played really well.

J-dude scored at least twice and got to play goalie.

That # 7 girl in the white hat was really good, they had to watch out for her!

More updates later as the tournament goes on............
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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Outside its crawling with kids!

Thank goodness for slip and slides and play structures. Otherwise what would we have done with all of these kids? We had a nice afternoon BBQ and watered the lawn while cooling down kids. I sipped wine and watched, took a few pictures and ate food that somebody else cooked. Who could ask for anything more?
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Friday, August 15, 2008

What a week!

It was a crazy week. I left San Diego and my really, really, really cute nephew on Monday night. That was hard. I cried. Jack cried. I think my brothers eyes were tearing up (though he will never admit it). But it was time to go home and back to my boys.
I had to pick up t-shirts at the airport for the boys, cause I was a little distracted while I was there and did not visit any tourist-y spots. I did not find one that Mitch would like, so when they picked me up at the airport I broke the news.

Me: Sorry Mitch, I only found T-shirts for the boys - I didn't get you anything.
Mitch: That's okay. I didn't clean.

So yes, the house was trashed, they ate out every night and saved all the laundry for me. Thanks guys.
Some little boys may have had some behavior problems from lack of Mom attention as well, and saved them for me too. Wasn't that nice of them? So glad to be home.
The house has mostly recovered, though the efforts were hampered by 90 degrees and no air conditioning. Vacuuming will be done at some point, but it's not supposed to cool down until Sunday, so nobody plan anything here this weekend. That means you Mitch.
This morning we had to wake up bright and early for WATER POLO! J-man had an 8 am game. It was exciting, went into overtime and they WON! Then I had to go to work and missed the second game. J-man says that they won and - drum roll please - HE SCORED A GOAL! Yeah J-man! That was his very first one. He usually hangs back on defense, so this was pretty cool. Here are my shots from the first game. J-man is #2.

Hurry up and find somebody to pass it to so they don't drown you! Man, Water Polo is a brutal sport!
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Saturday, August 9, 2008

Home Already

Last night while I was watching the opening ceremonies with my girlfriend Michelle (very pregnant) and eating a fabulous dinner prepared by her husband Ken, my new nephew escaped from the hospital. Well, they technically released him and his Mum (she's Scottish you know) to go home. So I missed the home coming pictures, but I didn't miss this pathetic site this morning. Yes Whiskey, your life is changed forever. (Pretend you hear dog whining)
And just in case you can't get enough baby pictures (like me) here are some more. Thank goodness his parents just let Auntie take as many pictures as she wants!

Don't you just love those baby burritos?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

And baby makes me an Auntie

Finally little Callum arrived at 5:17pm weighing in at 8pounds even and measuring 20 inches long. He is very handsome, I must say. Not sure who he resembles most yet. He was alert and awake and only cried when they were messing with him. The happy parents are both doing good, although could both use a little sleep (too bad that's not going to happen for a few years). I'm so glad that I was here to share this with them. Now I am going to have myself a good nights sleep. Is that mean of me?

No baby yet.

My poor sister in law. She is currently being forced into labor and it is not fun. I am just sort of hanging out and waiting and wishing that there was something else I could do for her, shes working so hard. I guess that is why they call it labor. Just praying for a safe delivery and waiting.....................

Well I arrived in San Diego

It was an AWESOME flight. I had a row to myself. A row. Nobody sitting next to me or blocking the aisle. It was fabulous. I got a nap in with my legs stretched out on the other 2 seats, ahhh. Best flight I have had in years. Here is an awesome pic of Mt. Rainier as I flew over it at sunset. The other side of the plane got the awesome sunset, but I would rather have the mountain.
So I land in SD and get shuttled to Burt's house where I got a quick tour, complete with blue sticky notes highlighting important stuff. Then they left to go to the hospital. Hopefully tomorrow I will be updating you with fabulous pictures of my new nephew. I love being on Aunt-ernity leave!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

That wraps up diving

It was another cold dive champs this morning, 3rd year in a row. At least it wasn't raining. We had to get up at the crack of dawn for warm ups and J-man only got 2 warm up dives. If you ask me they were cool down dives, because after they got wet, they were cold. Once the meet got started J-man dove pretty darn good and took 4th in the league.

Here it is, fourth place ribbon! Go J-man!
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Somebody Got a Blue Belt Today!

Wow, T-man had his game face on today. He did a great job on his test. He did his forms great, had nice high kicks and broke his board on the second try. This was the first time I have seen him so serious about this.

Here it is. A blue belt. No more messing around and lots more forms to learn now!

Okay, maybe he wasn't 100% serious today. There is the T-man we know and love. He was just soo excited to have gotten promoted.
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Friday, August 1, 2008

Boys are made of Farts - And they are proud of it.

So tonight Mitch and the boys drove into Seattle to pick me up from work. Mitch apparently doesn't trust the bus system to get me home in time for him to go play poker. As soon as I got into the car, excited to be done with work and see my family, my nose was assaulted with the most vile of smells.

Me: OMG what is that smell!
::Hysterical laughter from the backseat::
J-man: It's me!
::More laughter::

He is PROUD of it. He goes on to brag about how bad he has been smelling all day long. Nice. Welcome to the car Mom.
We stopped for dinner (and fed him more WHY?) and when we got back into the car we were assaulted again.

Me: J-MAN!!! Did you wait until we got into the car?!? You should have done that when we were outside still!
::More laughter from the backseat::
J-man: Yeah, I'm gonna rot the house when I get home!
::Hysterical laughter from the backseat::

I have boys. They brag about how they are made of dirt and farts or some such nonsense. They're goal is to smell up my house. Nice.