Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Much Better Day for Baseball

Today J-man had another game. This one was actually enjoyable. It was a little cold out, but there was no rain and the field was dry. What a concept. The game itself had it's ups and downs. J-man was the first batter and had 2 hits - technically one single and one sort of "Bad News Bears" play by the other team, but we are not picky and will take a base when we can! The down part came in when he sort of took a pitch (from a machine that the coach loads) in his thigh. The coach was trying to make a slight adjustment and well - whoops - that is going to be a good bruise tomorrow. We walked it off a little bit and then went right back up there to get our second hit. We're tough. Okay so both of us were crying, but he was in pain and I can't stand to see my baby in pain.
The only balls he fielded today were in warm ups, because nobody hit it out to left field today. J-man was a lonely fielder out there today, doing some arm spins and squats, I would assume that was to stay warm. Or awake. Anyway, it was very entertaining for me. T-man was with us, but luckily there was a playground nearby, so we pretty much didn't see him the whole time. I mean - um - I was watching him play on the playground the whole time.
Mitch helped behind the plate, and while he enjoyed helping the kids set up to bat, he maybe wasn't all that PREPARED for that job. Meaning - well he decided that maybe he should wear a cup to the next game. I suggested that he volunteer to be a base coach instead, it looked way safer to me.
We have an exciting Saturday coming up - Tee-ball!! What could be more fun than J-man playing baseball? T-man playing tee-ball. Oh Yeah. Your gonna wish you had season tickets like I do. Don't worry, I'll take lots of pictures so that nobody misses anything! And just in case you were disappointed that J-man won't be playing on Saturday - He is! Yep, at 2 different fields 3 hours apart. Oh yeah and we gotta squeeze in team pictures at some point too, at yet a different field. Whole day - baseball. I did hear a rumor that it might not rain on Saturday, so it might not be so bad after all........
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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Snow. Here. April 20.

This is what we woke up to this morning. Nice wet, fluffy snow all over my SPRING plants. Is it just my imagination or was the beginning of Spring 1 month ago? I am pretty sure that it was way back in March on the 21st. That was 30 days ago. Mother Nature needs to check her calendar. This is baseball season. This is the last 60 days that we have to get ready for summer. Yes it is only 60 days away, so NO MORE SNOW. And if it could just warm up past 60, that would be great too.
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Saturday, April 19, 2008

What a fabulous day for baseball!

Yep that is hail that you see coming down on the baseball field and they were still playing in it. I stayed in the car for the first half of the game because T-man had fallen asleep on the way to J-mans game (Thank you T-man). When he woke up we ventured out to watch the game. I felt so bad for those boys. The field was a mud pit, it was about 40 degrees out and they were being pelted with hail. Nice. The coaches called the game after about 1 1/2 hours and because some of the parents had started just taking their kids and leaving and they couldn't fill the field any more. I got to tell you if Mitch had not been there I would have taken J-man and got out of there, I thought that playing baseball in the hail was a little extreme, but then maybe I am just a big wimp. I like indoor sports. Or watching outdoor sports from the comfort of my living room. I can't wait for summer. Spring sucks.
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Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Magic Kingdom

Well there it is, The Magic Kingdom. This is where we spent the last week and a lot of our money. It was too long of a week to write about all in one sitting and I have over 600 pictures to help tell the story. We had a great time and we are exausted. Now I need to go on vacation from my vacation!
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