Saturday, April 19, 2008

What a fabulous day for baseball!

Yep that is hail that you see coming down on the baseball field and they were still playing in it. I stayed in the car for the first half of the game because T-man had fallen asleep on the way to J-mans game (Thank you T-man). When he woke up we ventured out to watch the game. I felt so bad for those boys. The field was a mud pit, it was about 40 degrees out and they were being pelted with hail. Nice. The coaches called the game after about 1 1/2 hours and because some of the parents had started just taking their kids and leaving and they couldn't fill the field any more. I got to tell you if Mitch had not been there I would have taken J-man and got out of there, I thought that playing baseball in the hail was a little extreme, but then maybe I am just a big wimp. I like indoor sports. Or watching outdoor sports from the comfort of my living room. I can't wait for summer. Spring sucks.
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