Friday, May 9, 2008

Take Me Out to the ball game

And buy me pizza?
And buy me a foot long dog?
Oh yeah and Garlic Fries. I couldn't get a picture of those because my eyes were watering from the abundance of garlic. We also consumed a couple of beers and a large polish dog with grilled onions (seriously Mitch that and garlic fries - are you just testing the limits here or what?), Ivar's fish and chips and a couple of sodas. And even though the Mariners lost and even though there was no bench clearing fight (should have went last night, darn) we still managed to have fun.
This is the boys dancing and trying to get on the Jumbo screen. Dang they were cute enough, I should have took some video! And this is the first game in the history of taking these boys to Mariners games that nobody fell asleep and we stayed for all nine innings. My babies are growing up!
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Gretchyn said...

Great pictures, Chelle! Sorry about the loss, though. They need to get it together before they come to the D. We have a good history of them beating the Tigers whenever we attend, and I expect no less this time. :)