Tuesday, September 2, 2008

More Weekend Pictures

Everybody got to take a turn riding horses. Well except me. Did you see that horse stick out its tongue at me? They don't like me and I like to look at them, but last time I rode one I had some difficulty walking afterward, and have not forgotten that. Anyway... The boys were having fun!


My nephew - A cute package of Trouble.

T-man. Very concerned that in some of the pictures you can see the rope. He wants it to look like he was riding that horse all by himself. As if.

Mitch got a little riding time too. Unfortunately the horse sat down on the job, ending Mitch's ride. Mitch said it made it easier to get off, so it was a good thing. Plus we got to make fun of Mitch all evening. He will claim that he said "Sit!" and the horse was just following commands, but that is NOT what happened. That's our horsey story and I'm stickin to it!
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