Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tree Planting

Yesterday we work on a community service project in our neighborhood. The city had some trees to be planted and I had a group of cub scouts who need community service and needed to plant trees to help earn their badges. We had a great time and planted a lot of trees. 50 or so? I did not count.
The organizers gave us a tree planting 101 lesson and then set us free on the trail with color coded flags marking where the trees should go. Everyone pitched in, the boys did a great job. We finished our section in about an hour, and then we had to head out, others stayed and helped finished the other sections. They were trying to plant 300 trees in 3 hours. I wonder if they finished?

J-man was very into digging holes. He was also trying to see who could dig out the biggest rock. When he would find a big one he would make a lot of noise and hold it over his head. I guess you do what you can to entertain yourself....

We planted 3 types of trees; Douglas Firs, Western Hemlocks and Cedars. They even got some extra trees for the volunteers to take home and plant in their yards. Mitch said no, he thinks we have enough trees :-). These trees are close enough that we can visit them whenever we want. In fact, I think I will take the cub scouts on a hike in the spring to go visit the trees that they planted. I wonder if they will remember us?

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