Monday, January 19, 2009

90 years old? Let's Celebrate!

Well Grandma Marge actually turned 90 back in December. But the snow spoiled our plans for a party then. We tried again over the weekend, a month late. We surrounded her with family and friends, sang Happy Birthday, and ate cake.

Looks pretty darn good for 90 huh?

Her great-granddaughter looking at her cards with her.

These are the youngest 3 of her 5 great-grandchildren. They look ready to party, don't they?

The other great-grandchild not represented is my oldest nephew. About to be 13. He called me shorty all weekend, I'm not sure he deserves a picture posted. Well thanks to my crappy camera, I don't have a good one anyway. So there. And I am not short.

I am really missing my big camera. I hate having a really old, really slow, crappy point and shoot with a bad flash. I need to find a way to get the big guy repaired, not only do I have bad pictures from Grandma's party - not having good pictures of anything is slowing my blogging down. On the other hand, less pictures taken means less $ getting prints made.
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