Friday, April 30, 2010

Had to Go Get Me Some Sun

T-man and I took a little trip down to Southern California with Aunt Spoilsmerotten and our nephew Z. Just thought I would post some highlights of our trip.
The Dolphin Encounter - definitely a highlight. Both boys could not stop talking about it. They gushed facts about the dolphins for days.
T: They felt like rubber!
Z: They talk out of their blow hole!
T: Not their mouth!
Z: Our dolphin is a Mom!
I could go on and on. They did!

The guy standing behind me while I was taking pictures asked me if I had my camera on Ninja mode. Apparently that mode is when you take 200+ pictures in 15 min. I told him my camera is always on Ninja Mode.
Did you know that April 25th was world Penguin day? Well it was. And you see that little cutie blond in front of the penguins? He is my newest (and cutest, shhh) nephew. It was nice to get to spend a couple of days with him. I would just like to apologize to my sister-in-law for messing up his nap schedule for those couple of days, I hope he is back on track now!

We also saw Shamu while we were there, the Sea Lion Show and got drenched on a couple of water rides. Good thing it was sunny and warm in San Diego!
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