Sunday, August 22, 2010

Water Polo School - Help T Score

This was T-man's first year of water polo, and he had not yet scored a goal, so during the tournament this week, they launched "Operation Help T Score". This is how the operation went down.
First they tried just passing him the ball. Whoops, he missed, and the race for the ball was on.

Well that did not work out so well, T basically looks like he got run over by his opponent.
This move was repeated before a time out was called.
During the time out the plan was re-explained to T by J-dude. He was supposed to just go hang out by the goal and they would get him the ball.

So the third time was the charm - he hung out down by the goal, they got him the ball and he gave the ball a toss.
There was no "THWAP" sound, but in it went, and "Operation Help T Score" was a success. The photographer got a little excited about the operation and lost focus and the ability to take coherent pictures. We would fire her - but wait - that's me. After the game, and win, the whole team celebrated the success of the operation, and somehow T got player of the game. In my opinion the success of the operation says a lot about this team, they had to work hard to make that happen, and repeated the operation with some of the other younger players. Everyone felt good about that and had a great time, and THAT is what it is all about!
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