Monday, December 18, 2006

Storm Damage

I went through my neighborhood yesterday and took pictures of the damage that was still left from the storm Thursday night. My friends are steadily getting thier power back on. I think I was one of the first to get my power back, I almost feel guilty!

This is my own back yard mess, but at least we only lost branches!

hen the shocker is the poor playground at YMCA where T-man goes to pre-school. It was so bad it took 2 pictures to show how bad it was! These trees took down the power lines at the corner too. The lines were draped across a Ford Explorer, innocently sitting in its driveway! The street next to the Y was closed and in addition to the trees down, it had a blanket of branches covering every inch of pavement.

Then there are the various hazards still around the neighborhood. I refused to drive under these trees!

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