Friday, April 13, 2007

Spring Break is Almost Over

And boy did this vacation fly by! Well I should start where I ended, last Friday. We had to go pick up the boy's Tuxes because the original measurements from 1 month ago were too short for J-man. I am pretty sure he grew a whole inch. After we took care of that we somehow managed to wrangle most of my extended family into 3 cars and headed out to Old Town to poke around and eat some lunch. Lunch for 11 adults and 4 kids is not easy to do, but we managed to squeeze everyone in at the Coyote Cafe for some Mexican. After lunch we all drove out to Point Loma and poked around up there until they closed. We finally got a little bit of sunshine in the afternoon, but it was gone by the time we got back to the hotel. That didn't stop J-man and T-man from wanting to try the hotel pool out. I sat on the side and watched, too cold for me!

Saturday was the wedding, but not until 3pm so we took an early morning trip out to La Jolla to see the seals and tide pools. Only 2 carloads went to Seal Beach, the weather was not cooperating, it was drizzling rain. The seals were out and we had a good time even though we got a little wet.
After our LaJolla adventure we headed back to the hotel to get ready for the wedding. The boys looked so cute in their tuxes, but J-man was not happy with the collar-he thought it was too tight. Only a few pictures were taken before the wedding and then it was time to post J-man out by the programs so he could pass them out. He did not look happy with the job that he had ASKED for, but he did it. Then it was time for the ceremony. T-man walked down the aisle with his Auntie and then came over to sit with us. J-man said he didn't feel good. Uh-oh. Out comes the Bride with her Dad. J-man thinks he might throw up. Uh-oh. I whisper to him - don't throw up on your tux. Mitch says lets get him out of here and gets J-man halfway to the end of the chairs and J-man blows chunks in the bushes. Yowsa. They get a few more feet and he does it again. The wedding ceremony is still going on and I am praying that nobody noticed. YEAH RIGHT. When the ceremony was almost over Mitch came back with a greenish looking J-man sans tux jacket and vest. Well the good news is that the Bride and Groom had no idea that thier nephew blew chunks in the bushes at their wedding. The bad news some people did notice. Oh well. The tux had seen better days, but Mitch did a pretty good job making it semi-presentable. I couldn't smell him anyway.
On to the reception. Fun Fun Fun. It was great to spend time with friends and family and have such a great party. I love my new Sister in law and the boys love thier new Auntie. Her family and friends were soo much fun.
J-man and T-man ate everything in site then hit the dance floor. That was pretty cute. They had made fast friends with the flower girl and the three of them made for some pretty good entertainment for us.
You know it was a good party when you get kicked out of the hottub by hotel security and the best man ends up jumping in the pool at 1AM still in his tux, and that is how the night ended for us.
Sunday was Easter and it was Brunch time. It was soo crowded and there was a ton of food. J-man had completely recovered from his -whatever he had- and ate his wieght in seafood at Brunch.

We finished the Easter celebration with an "egg" hunt for the kids. Aunt Jack had it all set up for them with buckets and everything. They left with lots of loot, thanks Aunt Jack - a 3 month supply of candy!

It was sad having to say goodbye to everyone, we had just had such a good time with everyone, but after our goodbyes we set out for the second half of our spring break - THE CRUISE. I'll have to write about that one later. Phew, I'm tired.

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