Friday, April 6, 2007

Wedding Rehearsal

We had the wedding rehearsal last night. I am scared for the T-man, he did not seem very into the whole ring bearer thing. I was totally laughing that the flower girl is a whole year younger than him and she is the same size as him, she may even have a few pounds on him. They will be really cute all dressed up. While the rehearsal was being set up they attempted to play croquet with the J-man. Watch out everybody!!!
J-man played with the babies during the rehearsal. He played peek-a-boo with them and they were fascinated with him. And he made them laugh, no surprise there, he makes me laugh everyday..................After the rehearsal was over we headed to a Mexican restaurant that was within walking distance of our hotel. I had all my siblings, aunts, uncles and some cousins there and we had a lot of fun. Who wouldn't when my Mom was paying!! Two margaritas later I needed to go to bed, I was really buzzed.

Mom and Melissa, little sister home from Spain.The Bride and Groom, she actually likes being called Uncle Jack by the boys, silly girl.
T-man kept begging me to take his picture and then would make goofy faces and then want to look at the picture and THEN he would laugh. What a goof.Me and my little bro. Only now he is 6'4", do I still get to call him "little"?Okay and these are the CUTEST little cousins EVER!! Little JC and his big sis EC. I was the bad cousin and gave her ice cream, muhuhahahaha.

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