Monday, June 25, 2007

A great day to be outside!

We've got baby birds. We've actually had them for awhile, but they are getting bigger and louder now and I can see their little mouths sticking out of our vents in the eves of our house.

They peep really loud and then the Mom and Dad take turns bringing them food.

They are fun to watch, but they are going to need to leave soon so we can replace that screen to keep future generations out of the eves and in the trees!

We also spent some time outside riding bikes.
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Look Mom, no more training wheels.

Today J-man's friends came over and asked if he could go outside and ride bikes with them. I said no, because I wanted to get dinner started and didn't want him out on his bike with out me outside. I also said no because Joey can't ride his bike with out someone running along side of him and I get sick of it so I just put the training wheels back on. So after dinner Mitch went out with J-man and took off the training wheels and yeah! he was riding his bike. Somewhat drunkenly, but he was doing it. Now he just needs to get out there every single day and practice, practice, practice. I think having his friends ride over here from their house on their bikes was very motivating! One down, one to go. T-man was out on his bike too. I see the training wheels coming off by the end of the summer. There is something to be said for having a big brother that you want to be just like!

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Gretchyn said...

Hey -- look at those cute baby birds! I'll bet they're getting good and loud these days. :) Nice pics!