Saturday, June 16, 2007

Race for The Cure

We had a great time at the race for the cure. Our team - Team Public Health - raised well over our goal of $4,000 and I personally raised $195. Thanks to all who contributed. One of the numbers I heard mentioned at the race was $1.7 million from the Puget Sound racers and they were still counting pledges!

Our outfits were fabulous. We all wore our Komen Race t-shirts and then added pink feather boas and pink energizer bunny ears. Next year I am going to add hats, outrageously decorated hats with lots of bling! We decided we need a new layer each year, and ugh, we are talking about running next year instead of walking. I think people should pay to see that....good comedy!

We started walking at 9am (took 5 min to cross the finish line) and finished our 5k at around 10:oo, slowed down by the crowd and a couple of people needed a honey bucket break at the halfway point. Everyone loved our boas and bunny ears, but I saw a lot of really cool hats and got ideas for next year....

After the race we headed into Qwest field for the after party (and free stuff!). My fabulous co-worker MJ was our hero in the survivors parade, a large group of the most amazing women (a few men too!) who were lead onto the stadium floor by the Seahawks band. When everyone was on the field we all danced to "I will survive". That was followed by the Seattle Women's Choir. Good after party!! Tons of survivors!! Very inspiring!! I can't wait until next year!!

Its not to late to donate. I donate to the Susan G Komen Foundation all year long (they send me pretty return address labels) as they are always working hard to find a cure and support women in their fight to survive breast cancer. I love that.

I walked in memory of:
Joan Claflin
Marilyn Crockett
I walked in celebration of:
MaryJo McTighe
Deborah Oester
Margaret Riter

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