Friday, September 28, 2007

He saved my life tonight....For Real

Tonight while we were eating dinner my husband saved my life. I took a bite of food and then tried to clear my nose and sucked a piece of chicken down my windpipe. It was a little scary not being able to breath or swallow. I tried making my self cough to get it out, but I was in trouble. I managed to squeak out "choking" and Mitch came over and started patting my back, that was not helping me so I stood up. He asked if I wanted the Heimlich Maneuver and I shook my head yes. He had to do it twice, because he was too afraid to do it hard enough the first time, but the second time he put some muscle into it and out shot that hunk of chicken. Luckily I caught the hunk before it flew across the restaurant. Yes I said restaurant. We love to do outrageous things in public places. The scary part was - nobody seemed to notice. My husband gave me the Heimlich Maneuver at a crowded Outback Steakhouse and nobody seemed to notice. The kids were fascinated by the whole thing and took it all in stride. Nothing can phase them I guess. Or maybe we did not tell them - hey, Mommy could have died from choking. It happens. Boy am I going to take smaller bites now. And my throat is really sore. This has been quite a week.

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Melanie said...

OMGoodness, how scary for you. Its a good thing he knows how to do the Heimlich Maneuver. I wouldn't know how to do it.