Monday, September 3, 2007

We Survived the Birthday Party

We are tired, but we survived. The bowling was fun for everyone! We had 4 lanes of 4 kids each and one adult lane. J-man's 89 year old Great-Grandmother even bowled 10 frames. She did pretty good too.

Go Great Grandma Marge!!!

Dad helping T-man to give the ball a little more speed....

J-man and friends waiting for pizza. J-man has the honor of wearing our family birthday hat.

So after the bowling and pizza and presents we headed home with 3 extra little boys for a slumber party. This was our first foray into the more than one friend spending the night arena. We have had cousins over, so I figured it would be about the same. Ha Ha. Not so much. We made them play outside for a couple of hours when we got home. Then we had a video game marathon. We decided that we would end the evening with a movie and settle everyone down. The movie was good, we watched Firehouse Dog and then figured they would just fall asleep, it was 10pm after all.

Well this is what they were doing at 11pm.

I pretty much gave up after that and went to bed and let Mitch handle the chaos. I think they finally went to sleep around midnight. They were up at 6 am. They thought they had one over on us and snuck downstairs to play video games. I slept much better after that, lol.

Funny thing, J-man and T-man are taking a nap right now..... a little tired are you?? Wonder why?

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Kristie said...

Wow go G-Gma Marge! LOL!

Looks like the kids had a blast!