Saturday, March 14, 2009

A new view! And its Golden!

I got an early birthday present! A new lens! So now the D50 is up and running again and I will be able to take (and share of course) lots of pictures. I got it early because Mitch wanted me to have it for J-man's taekwondo tournament this weekend. Thanks Mitch!
Look at that gold medal! Try not to be distracted by the shaggy hairdo, concentrate on the LMA Open Gold Medal. Oohh, Aaahhh.

This was the first match. J-man was in the red chest protector thing. They are also wearing arm pads, feet and leg pads, head gear and mouth guards. No head kicks are allowed.

This was J-mans last match and he had to switch to blue.

This is the results of that match, it was a close one and fun to watch. That is if you like watching kids kicking each other around.

Then we headed to the medal table!This is J-man with Grand Master Lee. He was hosting the tournament today.
It was a good day for J-man, a big confidence booster and his parents are very proud of him.
Now we have to switch gears slightly - baseball season has started!
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