Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Dust May Never Settle

Are you kidding me? I have not blogged in 3 months? I kept saying that I will blog when I am not so busy. Well I realize that may NEVER happen. More stuff keeps coming up. School is almost out, but we still have stuff planned every night and nothing is really winding down. And in the midst of it all we took a week off and went on vacation.
Ahhh, vacation. We flew back east and spent a week on the Atlantic Ocean, playing in the waves and swimming in a pool. It was a fabulous vacation. So before I get back to the reality of daily life, let me share some vacation photos.

The Pool. Many hours were spent in this pool by all of our family members.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

Exhibit C
Exhibit D
Exhibit E & F

Exhibit A, C, G, H, I & J

And these three peeps are the center of it all. My Aunt Michelle, Uncle Paul and Mom. They along with their children and grandchildren (holy moly they have 9 [almost 10] grandchildren already!) had a family reunion last week. We stayed together in the same house for a week with peace and harmony. Okay, maybe there was not a lot of peace, but we all got along and had a great time!
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