Sunday, January 17, 2010

Winter Fun!

So the boys, and a few of their friends, have started ski school. Mitch takes them up and he gets to ski while they are taking lessons. They are all having so much fun, and look forward to the next lesson.

T is in the red, E is in the pink and J-man is in the brown.

T and J-man are waiting for class to begin.

J-man has mastered the ski lift and is going down the slopes.

T is still on the rope tow, but will probably try the lift next weekend.

And me? What am I doing while my boys are all off skiing? Me and my little girl hang out. And go to the dog park. And go to Starbucks. And it's quiet.
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Deb said...

Looks like the boys are having a blast! I've never tried skiing before. Hope you had a great weekend!

Amy said...

Fun Fun!! Still waiting for the snow here... I suppose we could DRIVE somewhere to find it, but I am just too lazy....LOL