Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A Good Day for the T-man

At Tae Kwon Do today, the T-man got his yellow belt. He knows all the basic kicks and shows so much respect in class. He stopped looking at himself in the mirror all the time too. So after he demonstrated all the kicks, he got to break a board! And he did it! I think next week we are going to start transitioning him into the big kids class.

After martial arts we headed back over to the pool, where we had left J-man at 4:00 for swim team. Luckily the pool and martial arts are really close together. So at 5:00 J-man got out of the pool and at 5:30 T-man got in the pool for his swim lesson. It was a beautiful sunny warm day and I did not mind hanging out at the pool in between. I brought snacks and drinks so there was no whining about having to wait for each others activities.

Swim team officially started yesterday for J-man. The pool was FULL of 8-and-unders, it looks to me to be about double the amount of kids from last year. It's supposed to be 80 and sunny all week long, a great start to swim team, and I will not mind going one bit.

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