Thursday, August 16, 2007

Water Polo

Go #12!
Um, don't drown him #3, he is smaller than you!
This is the whole team after winning their final match for today.

Today was the start of the championship tournament for water polo. J-man's team played 3 games today and won all of them. The second game of the day was very exciting and ended in a tie so we had a shoot-out. It was very exciting for the kids, and I have to admit I got into it. I was afraid to watch sometimes, because these kids are basically trying to drown each other, and it is very physical. I was highly entertained by a "Helicopter Mom" from the other team. She was hovering around the pool yelling that her kid was getting fouled. It looked like a two way street to me. Her kid got out of the pool crying and she walked over and started yelling in the ref's face. Then she started yelling at our coaches. Then she went back to her kid. Then she went back and started yelling at the ref some more. All this time the ref kept the game going and was walking up and down the side of the pool with the movement of the ball. I was impressed that the ref did not lose it with her. I myself would have told Helicopter Mom to get the H-e-doubletoothpicks out of my face and sit her butt back in her chair and let her kid and the coaches and the ref work it out. She did provide me with some entertainment this afternoon and for that I thank her. I really don't want to be one of those pain the butt Moms, so I should also thank her for the what not to do at a water polo match lesson. Yes, Thank you Helicopter Mom, and I hope that your baby is okay tonight.
More water polo fun is planned for Sunday - the winner take all match, loser takes second. They all get medals - YEAH!

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