Sunday, August 5, 2007

Weekend on Whidbey

Well we were supposed to go camping to Mt. Rainier, but the weather was supposed to be crappy, and I am not a camping in the rain sort of a girl, so we wimped out. But since we were already packed, we made a quick switch and headed over to Whidbey Island, where some friends have a cabin. The best part - We got to take a ferry to get there! The weather turned out great. Whidbey Island has a great dog beach. Yukon had a great time, I was a little afraid that he would not be able to walk the next day because of his bad hips, but he did great!
The best part of the trip was dinner on Saturday night. We had crab! Mitch and Frank spend most of the day setting their traps and re-setting their traps and throwing back of the girls who kept getting caught. This was the first one that we caught and could keep, a red rock crab. We followed him up with a bunch of Dungeness, but it took several trips out to the traps. Eventually we had enough for everyone to have some for dinner. Yum.
This weekend was not long enough. I have a huge pile of sandy laundry to do, and since I was gone all weekend, no projects got done around the house. Oh well there is always next weekend!


Melanie said...

Your weekend sounds wonderful Chelle, wonderful photos.

Melanie said...

I have tagged you.
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