Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Maybe we are Crazy

Warning: If you do not like to read about throw up stop now, do not read.

Tonight we had plans to go to dinner with Aunt Kelly who is in town on business. We picked her up at her hotel at 7 and went to the Rainforest Cafe because the kids love it and Aunt Kelly's name should be Auntspoilsmerotten. We had a 25 minute wait, but luckily aforementioned restaurant is located in a shopping mall. 25 min? Is that all? Okay. I can shop quick. So I bought a new Franklin Covey planner and gave my husband a small heart attack. (But its pink and its much thinner than my old one. I need it to stay organized and SANE - I swear.)

When we finally got seated in the restaurant Daddy took the boys to the potty. We order. The boys want to go look at the animals. Everything normal so far. Then T-man says that his tummy hurt. Yesterday when his tummy hurt he had the Big D, so I told Daddy that he should take him to the potty. Daddy said "I just took him, he doesn't need to go again." Okay. So T-man then crawls into Daddy's lap. Whimpering. Bad sign, but he is not in my lap, so no worries, right? Next thing I know Daddy is covered in vomit and yelling at me to take T-man. I couldn't resist. "I told you that you should have taken him to the bathroom." But then it didn't really matter because I ended up having to clean up T-man. It was - very colorful - and very odoriferous. Don't mind me, other patrons in the restaurant - just taking this vomit covered child to the bathroom for some clean up. Keep eating.

Now when they are babies this is to be expected and much easier to deal with. Smaller volume and all. And when they are toddlers you at least have a diaper bag or a change of clothes just in case of accidents. But when they are almost 5 you sort of just throw them in the car and go. At least I do. And it was 85F today, we didn't even have coats. Luckily his shirt was good. The shorts I sorta got clean. His socks and shoes were toast. I left them on and brought him back to the table. Auntspoilsmerotten had gotten Daddy a new shirt from the restaurant gift shop and the restaurant staff was there with the mop and towels. So should we go home? We already ordered. Nah, well just stay. Do you think anyone around us noticed??

I gave T-man a bag in case his tummy hurt again and then our food was there. Everyone ate, except T-man. He nibbled and drank a little 7up. Is it crazy that we stayed and ate?? We asked for the check as soon as we were finished so we could rush the sick boy home. Then we told throw up stories in the car and laughed all the way home. Like the first time J-man threw up when he was 2 1/2:

He was crying and said "Mommy - I just spilled my juice all over the
floor!" Um, no J-man you threw up, you are sick. "I don't like being
sick." Ya think? Try being the pregnant Mama who's got to clean it

We laughed all the way home.

Yep we are Crazy.

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