Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day!

We have been waiting all day for it to stop snowing so we could go outside and play. But it has not stopped snowing. So my pictures suck. They are blurred with tons of flakes falling from the sky. But here we are playing in the snow, looks like 4 inches and still coming down.

T-man wanted to build a snow man, but could not stay out side long enough to get the job done. The snowman parts are started out there, but we had to come in and get warm and dry before making an attempt to finish.

Yukon is having a great day, he has been out to roll in the snow about 50 times today. He is currently napping - that takes a lot out of an old guy!

J-man just wants a snowball fight. Nobody would take him up on it, so he settled for trying to make a snowman with his brother. He might have lasted longer out there if he would have zipped up his coat and put a hat on, but what do I know, I'm just his Mother.
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