Sunday, December 21, 2008

We got the tree up. Finally.

We put minimal effort into it, only 3 strands of lights and half of the ornaments in the box, but it's up!

Aunt Kelly got stuck here - who knew they would cancel ALL Alaska Airlines flights today? No worries though, the boys are providing her with warmth and entertainment!

Yukon is depressed. The snow is making it hard for him to go outside with his bad hips and knees. When it was just a few inches it was fine, when it hit a foot, the poor dog needed a path carved out of the yard for him. Good thing his Daddy went out into the back yard and dug it for him.
I'm too depressed about the snow to take any more pictures of it. There is just so dang much of it. Over a foot. Wish me luck trying to get to work tomorrow!

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