Thursday, June 25, 2009


So the swim team has themes for the swim meets so the kids can show their team spirit. The theme last week was Jamaica and we didn't really dress up for that one. This week the theme was dress like a coach. So J-man and his buddy J-dude and I were having a conversation about what they should wear this week for dress like a coach week. They wanted to dress like coach Mike, cause he is so cool. I suggested that they go in drag. What is that? - they asked. I said that you could wear a girls swimsuit and dress like one of the girl coaches, after all there are three of them. They said they wanted to do both, so we spent last Saturday shopping for white v-neck tee-shirts and the perfect hat. After several stores and lots of "No way. That is way too expensive." from me, we finally found what they were looking for.
Here is the result:

Pretty darn good, huh?
But remember the suggestion that I made about going in drag? J-dude remembered it too.
So in the car on the way to the swim meet tonight the conversation went like this:
J-dude - holding up 2 girls swim suits: Hey J, which one do you want?
J-man: Huh?
J-dude: Remember? We're draggin!
J-man: Oh yeah!
Me - hysterical laughter!
Here is the result:

I think the picture says it all. I love these boys - they are constant entertainment for me!
And yes - this one is going in the scrapbook - and the title will be.....
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