Friday, July 3, 2009

Shooting the birds

With my camera of course.
Remember our friends from a couple of years ago? They're back. Reproducing in our eves. Again.

Man are they loud. When we come any where near our house they start screeching warning each other that the people are there. I have not seen the babies mouths out the hole yet, so I am wondering if they hatched a little later this year than last.

The opening to the nest looks so dirty. Do you think I can get them to clean that up before they move out?

Yeah, I know you see me. And I know you don't like it that I am there, but guess what Mr. Bird? You are squatting in my eves and you just have to put up with us coming in and out of our front door if you want to stay. The screeching and dive bombing are not necessary, and please, stay out of my blueberries.
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Jules said...

Love the birdies. Saw a hummingbird in the yard yesterday...only second one we've seen since we moved in. Thanks for your post on my Dec of Indy!

Amy said...

I hate to break it to you Chelle, but YOU are living in THEIR house. Mr. and Mrs. Sparrow are graciously allowing you to stay while they raise their brood. You should count yourself lucky, Swallows wouldn't be that nice. LOL :)