Wednesday, August 12, 2009

July Wrap Up

First - remember J-man and J-dude going Draggin? Well I made sure that it made it into the scrapbook - in style. They will thank me someday, maybe when they are 40 or so, but someday.
July went by really quick. We spent a lot of time at the pool. Swim meets were every Tuesday and Thursday, and both boys had good finishes to the season - T-man even won a heat at Champs with his relay team and they got 2nd place overall - that is a medal my friends. Not bad for his rookie season!

J-man waiting for his event.

T-man at Champs.
Of course, we couldn't make it out of July unscathed. T-man slipped while climbing onto the diving board and smacked his face up. Real good. He was sore for a few days and lost a baby tooth, but he was excited that he was on a "diet" of Popsicles and soft foods (rx'd by the dentist). He told EVERYONE about his "diet". Until he got sick of it and wanted some real food again!

We had a fun 4th of July - just stuck around the neighborhood to enjoy the picnic in the park, 50th Anniversary celebration at the pool and Fireworks over the lake. We had a nice visit with Aunt Kelly and her new boyfriend that weekend too.

The boys decided that they wanted to march in the River Days Parade with Cub Scouts. It was a hot, muggy July day, with a long wait to even start marching in the parade, but they thought it was a great time. And can't wait to do it again next year.

Gotta love a cute little man in uniform!

J-man carried the Pack Flag the entire length of the parade. All the other boys carrying flags took turns and passed them around. Our Cub Master kept checking on J-man to see if he wanted to give up the flag carrying - but he refused and proudly carried it all the way to the end of the parade. The Cub Master said he is one determined boy. I say he is stubborn like his dad, but determined sounds better, huh?

We also had a few dive meets in July. T-man did pretty good - going from being too scared to jump off the diving board - to can't stop jumping off the diving board - in a matter of a few weeks. He got the diving basics down this year. Look out next year!
J-man had an awesome dive season. He was diving great this year. Mitch took a bunch of videos of his dives, I have to figure out how to put them all together into one video. I can just learn some new software in my spare time, no problem!

And we got a family hike in during July too. It was a nice hot day, and we headed up to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area first thing in the morning and had a nice 5 mile hike with a 1200 ft elevation gain. This was Mitch and J-man's training hike for Mt. Si in August.

And there it is - The July wrap up.
Maybe now I can get back to some regular posting.

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