Sunday, March 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to me....

Me and Cheryl
Jason and Daniel
Kristie and Frank
Christine and Ryan (and baby, LOL)
We had a good time at dinner last night! We went to Bucca de Beppos. Dinner for nine, with no children in sight. I drank way too much, but it was good to spend time with friends and laugh. I obviously brought my old camera so some of the pictures, well they are crappy. Oh well, good time had by all. Just took me a long time to get moving this morning..............or should I say afternoon?

Today T-man had a special Birthday surprise for me. As we were driving down the freeway to go to Grammies house for dinner he decided to throw up all over himself and the back seat. Yuck. We pulled over on the side of the freeway and striped him. I put J-man's coat over him and had him wait in the front seat while we attempted to clean the yuck out of the car. Luckily J-man doesn't need a booster any more (technically, although we are going to do it until he turns 8) so we switched T-man into J-man's and let J-man ride with just a seat belt. Grammie still wanted us to come, so we swung by Target real quick and picked T-man up some new clothes and also stocked up on car cleaning products and Lysol. I also bought some new Rubbermaid containers - 2 big ones - just in case anyone else wanted to throw up on the rest of the car ride.

We survived dinner and got everything else cleaned up and laundry going when we got home. Now we just have to wait and see if T-man makes it through the night with out getting sick again and decide if he can go to school or not. Can't wait til tomorrow...............

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Gretchyn said...

Happy Birthday, Chelle! Or should I say Happy 6th Anniversary of your 29th birthday? :) Wish we were closer so we could have joined you.