Saturday, March 10, 2007

Swim Meet Camera Test

Happy Birthday to me, I got a Nikon D50 SLR. I can't think of a better test for a new camera than a winter swim meet. Low light and action shots, if this camera can take good pictures here, well then its a keeper. It is not the latest and greatest, but its good and I could afford it. It was nice today taking pictures of the kids swimming and not missing shots. Some were blurry, but that was probably me, maybe I should start bringing a tripod with me (would that be too geeky??). Anyway here are some shots from the meet today and J-man had not one but TWO first places, one in backstroke and one for freestyle. We get the ribbons on Tuesday and he is so excited!! He has a second place ribbon, but no first places, so this is HUGE! Go J-man!Oh yeah, I had to include this one of T-man, he is the goofball of the day.

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