Monday, March 26, 2007

Science Project

J-man got a 4 on his science project!!! I am so proud of him. I have to admit, when that assignment came home I was a little annoyed. It was titled a "Family Science Project" and is a huge part of his science grade. He is in first grade for goodness sake, he doesn't really get "grades", he gets numbers. Anyway, the assignment was to do a poster, book or model on our planet earth and then he had a big list of vocabulary words that he had to try and fit it. The "family" was supposed to work on the project at home and then J-man had to present it in class. They even video taped it for us (for $1). It took J-man more than a week to even pick a subject. That was painful. We went through his huge collection of science books in his room to help him pick something. Then we made him write some stuff up that he wanted to talk about. It took forever and we had to help him spell everything. Mitch and J-man did some Internet searching for supporting pictures and printed them out. J-man and I made a poster with the printouts and then Mitch had J-man type in his "report", it was painful to watch J-man type, LOL. Mitch made J-man practice his presentation a million times and, wow J-man got a 4 - the highest grade a teacher gives out - EXCELLENT!!!

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