Saturday, March 24, 2007

Pinewood Derby

It was a crazy morning at the Pinewood Derby. Our pack was up and weighing in their cars at 9am. After some last minute adjustments, everyone was ready to race. Look at all these cars!

I was impressed with all the hard work and imagination these boys put into their cars. The races were fun and surprising. J-man's car did pretty well some of the time, but the wheels weren't stable so it was kind of slow at the end. Everybody got a ribbon for participating and of course a segment to put onto their shirt, too bad his Mom is one of those that can't figure out where to put the patches, so hasn't bothered to add them. Hey, he's got the shirt though. It should have come with put badges here markings so I could figure it out. Maybe I'll study the pictures I took today an look at the other scouts shirts and figure out where to put the stuff. Maybe I should just go plan my next den meeting...................

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