Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Busy Mom's Tip #2

Use a calendar.

I have 2. One on the fridge and one that I carry around with me. Most of the time they have the same stuff on them. The only time I have gotten in trouble with double booking is when I try to do stuff with out my calendar - gets me in trouble every time. So I keep my portable calendar and sync it up with the fridge calendar and everybody is happy.
The good part about my portable calendar is that it also has an address book in it. I have it all updated with addresses and phone numbers (home, work and cell) for all my friends and family. This will come in handy when I get my new cell phone.
Why am I getting a new cell phone? Thanks for asking. I am getting a new cell phone because some LOSER (or group of losers) decided to steal my old one out of my car last night. And the car charger. I guess I could say that it was my fault for leaving it in my car, but you know what? its not. It is MY car that was parked in MY driveway. It was MY phone with all of MY friends and family's phone numbers in it and pictures of MY kids. I paid for it, and still have to pay the monthly fee for the "service" even though I am unable to use it. And I am really pissed. Could you tell? The police officer was very nice and informed me that I was not the only victim of the "car prowler". Four other neighbors got robbed and they stole a mini-van from the house on the corner. I am lucky that they did not take the garage door opener or anything else, I think it was a grab and dash, anyway I hope they catch them.
So now I have to decide what kind of phone to get - and if I want to just pay for a new phone or have Cingular (or At&t or whoever they are now) own me and my minutes for another 2 years. Ugh. Why can't I just have my pink razor back? It was so cute and it had Ryan Shupe and the Rubberband wallpaper from when I saw them at the Tractor Tavern. And I had just paid for my Maroon 5 ringtone! Those bastards stole my new ringtone!! I had forgotten all about that - grrrr. Now I am even madder!!

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