Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Haircut won

Apparently the swim cap made quite the impression, because J-man wanted his hair cut on Sunday. Then T-man was jealous that J-man got a haircut and he didn't, so on Tuesday I took him for a hair cut also. They look pretty good, huh? Minus the sharpie art on Joey that will hopefully fade away now that swim team is over!
They are boys and never stop acting like them. I started taking pictures because they were being so nice to each other and cute, but as soon as the camera comes out they start wrestling and putting bunnie ears on each other and basically just being the playful little boys that they are. Then they scream "I want to see the picture!" and then laugh and laugh at how funny the picture turns out. Thank goodness for digital, cause 9/10ths of the pictures that they ask me to take are not printable. Funny, but nothing to send on to the Grandma's. We still try to fool them that we have good little boys that never act like monkeys.
Oh yeah, and I finally figured out why they sell just pajama bottoms for boys. I can not get these boys to wear any of their pajama tops. I didn't think that it would last but it has been months. Maybe when it gets cold out again? I am currently only buying bottoms, or the ones that come with both shorts and pants with only one top, then I don't feel like I am wasting my money buying the top that just sits in the jammie drawer all lonely and unworn. Another one of those boy things.........that drive me NUTS!!!
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Melanie said...

Lol at the pyjama tops. I am the same although I wear my pants with a tshirt. lol

They look gorgeous, rabbit ears and all.