Sunday, July 15, 2007

Haircut or Swimcap?

This has been a very busy week for the J-man. He had a dive meet on Monday and luckily his uncle Burt was around to watch!

Then he had a swim meet on Tuesday, followed by another dive meet on Wednesday. Friday was 2 birthday parties and Saturday morning another swim meet!

Well J-mans hair is getting pretty long and shaggy and fried from the sun, chlorine and more sun. It has turned white also. Mom and especially Dad are not happy with the resulting crayzy hair look. I have been joking all swim season about getting him a cap and on Saturday I gave him a choice - Haircut or Swimcap. Here is the result:

Well he got a medal on Saturday and earned lots of points for his team as well as 2 improvements on freestyle and backstroke. Go J-man and the swimcap. I wonder if he would have been faster with the ears tucked in too........

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Melanie said...

Lol at the comment of tucking in his ears. Well done to him and his team.