Thursday, July 24, 2008

Catching up....

Summer is just flying by! The weather has been just fabulous around here - 70 and sunny everyday. A few morning clouds just to keep things cool, I love it. My offspring don't feel the same about the morning clouds however. A J-man quote from this week:

"We can't walk to the pool, its only 56 degrees outside!"

First of all when did my 8 yo start checking the weather in the morning? Secondly - have you heard of a sweatshirt? Pants? Coat? It's called layering son, and if you are going to be a Washingtonian I think you need to learn this concept. And quick.

We ended up driving, but not because it was cold, but because I was running late and it was faster. Next week - back to walking!!

Yes, we are still spending everyday at the pool even though swim team and lessons are over. We still have dive team, tennis lessons and water polo starts next week, plenty of stuff to do for the rest of the summer.

Here are some pictures from B Champs last weekend. J-man was sort of disappointed about swimming B Champs after swimming on the A team all season long. Well at the meet he got 2 firsts (medals) and forth (still points for the team!) and at A Champs he would have been lucky to make it out of prelims, so I think it turned out pretty darn good for him!

T-man was there to cheer for his brother.

This is the chaos also known as lining up for relays. YOWSA. Glad I didn't have to organize that mess!

REACH FOR THE WALL!! J-man had a great swim season, had lots of fun with old friends, made a few new ones and got in great shape for water polo!

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