Thursday, July 10, 2008

A little swimmers ear doesn't stop us

This was kind of a rough week for the J-man. He had made some mentioned that his ear was sore over the holiday weekend, but in sort of a casual way, so I thought nothing of it. Then Tuesday he swam one lap and got out of the pool crying. He couldn't even let me touch it to look at it. So I dialed up the peds and got him an appointment. Diagnosis: Bad case of swimmers ear. Needs antibiotics and no pool for at least 2 days, or until its not painful. Bummer. So J-man missed practice for 3 days and missed a dive meet on Wednesday.
But today...I bought him some of those wax ear cover things. We shoved the wax over his ear opening, pulled his cap down over his ears and let him swim in the meet. Don't tell my Pediatrician!!!! I guess I am not up for Mom of the Year. Oh well. We had fun at the meet tonight.

No swimmers ear for this guy! While the T-man was playing in this pool.....

The J-man was in this pool. Here he is in the back stroke, trying to find the wall. I got a pretty good shot of this one because he was in the outside lane!

Now time for a little butterfly. Check out that wingspan. This was the first time J-man had to swim butterfly in a meet all season. Except time trials. Well it wasn't pretty, but it was legal and speedy. He took 4 seconds off of his time that he had at time trials. The coaches were shocked when they saw his time. We had a good laugh about that today. Now that is 2 events that he can't swim at B-champs.

We always end with the relays. They are fun to watch, this one was close at the end and got pretty exciting. J-man's crew (in the middle) got 3rd.

No complaints about the ear were heard. Except about the part where he couldn't hear. Imagine that with and ear full of wax. And now we are letting the ear heal up and dry out over the weekend. More fun to be had in the pool and more swim meets next week to get better for.
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