Thursday, July 24, 2008


So T-man started tennis lessons this summer. I can't play tennis (other than on the wii), but it looks fun and they wanted to do it, so what the heck. Mitch took him to get a racket and I was not the least bit surprised that it has Spongebob on it. (is Spongebob one name or two? Sponge Bob? Like his last name is Bob?) The first lesson that I watched was very painful, but I laughed a lot. Today, after 5 weeks of lessons and a lot of $, he can hit a tennis ball.
Exhibit A:
Exhibit B:
Amazing. He has one more week of tennis lessons later on in the summer. Pro tour - oh yeah, any day now.
J-man is also in Tennis this week. They play all kinds of games and he is in the class with a couple of his buddies, so lots of fun for everyone.
They play 21, so in addition to learning to hit the ball and keep it in the court, they are practicing math! His teachers would be proud.

Maybe Mitch and I need to sign up for some tennis lessons so our boys don't kick our butts at tennis. I'm pretty sure that my pro status on the wii won't fly out on an actual tennis court. Ya think??

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