Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good News, Bad News

The good news is that J-Man took 2nd place in his dive meet today.

Go J-man!

The bad news is that it took several hours and the rest of the dive meet was cancelled. We had to start and stop a couple times because of thunder showers that moved through. Now we know a little rain won't stop Seattle kids from doing outdoor activities, but apparently lightning and thunder clears a pool for 1/2 hour. They kept having to reset the clock with every rumble and finally the lifegaurds said forget it. Bummer. So only the young kids got to dive and none of the older ones.
Now lets talk about the hair - should I make him get a hair cut? Or let him have crazy hair for the summer and chop it off when school starts? You should see some of the bed-head this kid wakes up with. As a matter of fact - I will be taking pictures of that too. Maybe I am just jealous of the white blonde that his hair is turning......
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Gretchyn said...

If I remember correctly, a pair of Spiderman underwear worn at the appropriate angle on top of the head will cover any bad hair days one has all summer long... :)

Robinsnest said...

Too cute and too funny, Chelle and Gretchyn! My son (age 9) has long hair this summer (unless his dad's chopped it off) and I love the "surfer" or "skateboarder" look on him. But his baseball coach asked him if he should bring a ponytail holder to him at the next practice (this was back in April), so I asked my son if he wanted me to take him to get a haircut and he still said "no"! LOL So my vote is to let him grow it out during the summer, Chelle! :)) Hugs, Robin