Friday, August 15, 2008

What a week!

It was a crazy week. I left San Diego and my really, really, really cute nephew on Monday night. That was hard. I cried. Jack cried. I think my brothers eyes were tearing up (though he will never admit it). But it was time to go home and back to my boys.
I had to pick up t-shirts at the airport for the boys, cause I was a little distracted while I was there and did not visit any tourist-y spots. I did not find one that Mitch would like, so when they picked me up at the airport I broke the news.

Me: Sorry Mitch, I only found T-shirts for the boys - I didn't get you anything.
Mitch: That's okay. I didn't clean.

So yes, the house was trashed, they ate out every night and saved all the laundry for me. Thanks guys.
Some little boys may have had some behavior problems from lack of Mom attention as well, and saved them for me too. Wasn't that nice of them? So glad to be home.
The house has mostly recovered, though the efforts were hampered by 90 degrees and no air conditioning. Vacuuming will be done at some point, but it's not supposed to cool down until Sunday, so nobody plan anything here this weekend. That means you Mitch.
This morning we had to wake up bright and early for WATER POLO! J-man had an 8 am game. It was exciting, went into overtime and they WON! Then I had to go to work and missed the second game. J-man says that they won and - drum roll please - HE SCORED A GOAL! Yeah J-man! That was his very first one. He usually hangs back on defense, so this was pretty cool. Here are my shots from the first game. J-man is #2.

Hurry up and find somebody to pass it to so they don't drown you! Man, Water Polo is a brutal sport!
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Mitch said...

So, a couple things. We did not eat out every night. We had Spaghetti and chicken at home. And one night was the Dive team Banquet.

also, you did not mention that you planned for 2 extra boys and 2 extra dogs to be staying with us while you were gone. We cleaned up a little (just not a lot). All in all we did pretty good.

Also, you yell at me when I do laundry and say I do it wrong. So, you beat I did not do it. 