Friday, August 1, 2008

Boys are made of Farts - And they are proud of it.

So tonight Mitch and the boys drove into Seattle to pick me up from work. Mitch apparently doesn't trust the bus system to get me home in time for him to go play poker. As soon as I got into the car, excited to be done with work and see my family, my nose was assaulted with the most vile of smells.

Me: OMG what is that smell!
::Hysterical laughter from the backseat::
J-man: It's me!
::More laughter::

He is PROUD of it. He goes on to brag about how bad he has been smelling all day long. Nice. Welcome to the car Mom.
We stopped for dinner (and fed him more WHY?) and when we got back into the car we were assaulted again.

Me: J-MAN!!! Did you wait until we got into the car?!? You should have done that when we were outside still!
::More laughter from the backseat::
J-man: Yeah, I'm gonna rot the house when I get home!
::Hysterical laughter from the backseat::

I have boys. They brag about how they are made of dirt and farts or some such nonsense. They're goal is to smell up my house. Nice.

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Gretchyn said...

EWWWWW -- nasty boys! Maybe you should start feeding them roses?