Thursday, August 21, 2008

They laughed, they cried...

Well the first game of the tournament they creamed the other team 12-2. The second game was a really good game, but in the end they lost by only one point. It was a heart breaker. Then the third game they rallied and won again. It was another close game, and they played great. The fourth game we started out strong, but ended up getting creamed 8-15.

J-man had a great steal in the 3rd game.

They were so happy that they won the 3rd game!

Then J-man played goalie in the fourth game. The other team scored 2 goals on him, and he sort of lost it. He tried to pull it together and finish the game, but it was a rough game and a rough loss. Tears were shed.
At the end of the day J-man said that he still had fun, that water polo is still his favorite sport and asked if he could play winter water polo. So I think all is well.

And then there is this guy. T-man has no desire to play water polo, but still wants me to take pictures of all of his funny faces that he makes. Less he be left out....................
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Deb said...

OMG Chelle, they are so adorable! You got some great pictures!

Melanie said...

You captured the game perfectly in the photos Chelle. Well done to J-Man for playing so well.