Sunday, June 15, 2008

Fathers Day visit to Northwest Trek

Where do you go when you want to see some wild animals? Maybe some Moose? Elk? Bison? Northwest Trek!

We met Dick and Becky out there for a Fathers Day outing. I was excited to take the tram and see the new babies! While we were waiting for the gates to open, we visited the big bronze moose out front.

Apparently T-man has learned a few things from his brother and he has made Poppy an accomplice. Oh well, I took pictures anyways cause we're classy like that.
The tram ride did not disappoint. The moose was on the wrong side of the tram, so I got no moose picture -but we saw her! Then we found some mountain goats lounging on the tram path. At first it didn't seem like they were going to move, but then they decided they didn't want us hanging around any longer than we had too. They didn't move to far:
And man are they looking shaggy! There was white goat hair tufts all over through out the tram area.
These are the Big Horn sheep mama's running away with their babies. Come back! I wanna see those babies!

Here are the Big Horned Sheep daddy's. They must know its Father's Day and that is why they are just laying around doing nothing.

Oh and the Bison! They are looking a little shaggy too, losing all their winter coats and those fuzzy little calves are soo cute!

These are a family of Caribou and a couple of black tail dear. They had found a nice shady spot by the lake, and I have to agree that they found a nice spot to lounge. I would have liked to hang around longer, but the hour long tram ride was over and we had to get off. Bummer.
That's okay there was lots more to see!

River otters - my favorite!

Raccoons - Are you lookin at me?

They also had lots of native plants and most were in bloom still (blame it on the June-uary). We had a good time at Northwest Trek, and learned lots about all the animals we saw. Did you know a moose needs to eat 27,000 calories a day? And they are herbivores. That's a lot of greens.

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