Friday, June 6, 2008

Swim Team Picnic and Lake Plunge

Well someone must have heard our prayers because it stopped raining right before the picnic started. It was pouring earlier today and windy. The high today was supposed to be 56 degrees. While we were eating our dinner we could see our breath. The beautiful grassy area of the park was saturated with water. But after we had finished eating, the sun was beginning to come out. Amazing.

Luckily we live in an area that is used to a little bit of rain, and the picnic must go on. Just under the covered area.

Before the lake plunge they run around and play all kinds of silly games. Today they had a balloon race of some sort followed by a get the goldfish out of the whip cream game. It was some messy, tasty fun!

Then it was time to jump in the lake. Beautiful Lake Washington. Temp was in the 50's. Yeah, I think that I will just stay on the dock in my turtleneck, sweatshirt and fleece jacket. Y'all just jump right in.

And jump in they did. CRAZIES all of them. J-man got a little shocky and felt like he couldn't breath, so we got him out pretty quick and warmed him back up. Good thing I brought blankets just in case I got cold!

We ended the evening with s'mores from the barbecue before we left to get J-man warmed up and to bed. Big day tomorrow - Time Trials! Go J-man!
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