Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mitch has a Playdate

At the brew fest. I dropped him off with a couple of friends at St. Edwards State Park yesterday so that they could spend the whole afternoon drinking beer. This is not any ordinary beer. This is the beer of beer snobs, microbrews. A whole big beer garden full of snobby beers. I gave him a camera and asked him to just take a few pictures.

Here is Mitch drinking beer.

This is the bottom of his beer glass. He told me that this was his "artistic" picture. Thanks babe.

He doesn't know if he meant to take this picture of Ryan and the beer glass or not. Okay - there is Ryan and a beer glass and a whole lot of sun.

Here is the crowd at the beer fest. They lucked out and had some good weather - maybe our June-uary is finally over???
Oh yeah - they did Blood Alcohol Counts on the way out courtesy of the sherrifs department. Mitch blew a .034 - not even legally drunk, even after 5 hours of drinking! Sad - I think. No matter, they had transportation arranged - it was after all a playdate!!
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