Friday, June 20, 2008

Last Day of school!!

J-man and his Bud waiting for the school bus this morning. They were pretty excited that it was the last day! And it was field day! Nothing more little boys like, than to run around and play all day!
I also went to school today to volunteer for field day. Field day is where the whole school goes out and plays at organized activities, some of which involved getting hosed down. They also slid down hills, ran, had faces painted and had a snack station. The weather turned out just fine for today and my goal was to get there early so I did not end up with a station that involved water!
Did you know pigs could fly?
Well with a parachute and a few buddies working together - they can. The flying pigs station that I volunteered at was fun for everyone, I got to work with another mom from J-mans baseball team that I really liked and there was no water involved. Great day.

This is J-man running in some sort of screaming race. I avoided that one too. But they looked like they were having fun! Happy last day of school!
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Gretchyn said...

Hey -- I want to see pigs fly, too! Looks like you guys had a great day. Welcome to summer!